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Dear Friends of Roots, Branches, Music, and Mount Tam,

Roots & Branches Conservancy is a San Francisco Bay Area-based non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of natural resources, both physical and cultural. The broad arc of our efforts ranges from regional environmental and educational work to the preservation and evolution of artistic and cultural traditions – musical, narrative, and beyond. Wherever possible, we aim to create intersections between the environment and the arts to their mutual benefit.

Towards those ends, our programs entail three key facets –grantmaking, education, and experience. As such, our interests lie in producing resonant community experiences at our events, providing educational components in our programming, and making meaningful contributions to worthy beneficiaries.

Roots & Branches Conservancy was born in the context of drastic cuts in the California State Parks budget and our belief in the power of art and community to gather force for a good cause.

Our flagship project, Sound Summit: A Benefit for The Mountain, a celebratory music and arts festival held high atop Mount Tamalpais in Marin County, was launched in the fall of 2015 as a creative and dynamic response to those budget shortfalls on a local level. As its name implies, Sound Summit is an intentional double-entendre – at once a musical gathering and an image of a strong, whole peak. In short, one exists to sustain the other.

Sound Summit’s aim was to raise money for, broaden awareness of, and deepen community connection to a special place in the neighborhood.

Proof of concept was swift. In the wake the event, Roots & Branches Conservancy announced a $40,000 grant to Mount Tamalpais State Park, which has since been allocated to projects with tangible impact in fire prevention, water conservation, emergency equipment, and visitor services. In 2016, we were able to surpass our gift by 50%, making a grant of $60,000 to the mountain. WIth your support, in just our first two years, we’ve donated $100,000 to Mount Tam.

Our ultimate goal with Sound Summit is persistence of vision. We want to build upon it to create an annual sustainable revenue source for the mountain, this year and in years to come.

In addition to raising funds for Mount Tam, Sound Summit speaks to our stated passion for employing arts to create resonant experiences for resonant causes.

That model continues with Roots & Branches, the cultural performance series we’re launching this year. With a focus on the deep and enduring legacy of San Francisco Bay Area arts and culture, the series will pair heritage and emerging artists and cultural figures in a unique program of performance, conversation, and audience engagement. To further enhance its value, the series will be filmed and recorded as an educational resource and cultural archive.

As with Sound Summit, proceeds from the Roots & Branches series will in turn go to fund a resonant cause, in this instance Bay Area music and arts programs towards the goal of developing new artists who will in time become part of our regional legacy.

Inspiration has long been one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s greatest resources, stemming from a physical and cultural landscape that has equally long been rich with stunning natural terrain, diverse habitats, and eclectic denizens. A territory of stirring vistas, groundbreaking paths, pioneering artists and thinkers, pivotal social movements, new frontiers and adventurous spirits who blaze the trails that lead to them.

We at Roots & Branches feel strongly about both preserving and celebrating treasured Bay Area cultural and environmental resources and evolving others we hope will become equally treasured. Implicit in our name is the concept of connection – past and future, foundation and growth, root and branch – that guides and inspires our goals, our programs, and our development.

Our goals and the wherewithal required to reach them are inherently tied to community involvement and participation. We want our projects to resonate with our community both as an experience and as an outcome. We like the idea that good-deed doing can be as creative as it is productive.

If you feel inspired to make a tax-deductible gift to Roots & Branches Conservancy of any amount and help us launch a dynamic and fruitful year ahead, you can do so online by clicking the button below.

If you prefer, you can also send your contribution to us in the form of a check at the following address:

Roots & Branches Conservancy
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Thanks again for your generosity and consideration. We look forward to seeing you for further adventures down the road!