You are our greatest asset in keeping the venue clean, safe, undamaged, and undisturbed. Please respect the rules required for us to hold Sound Summit at this unique and beautiful location, now and for years to come.

Smoking Is Not Permitted at the Mountain Theater. Period. This is not a rule solely for Sound Summit; it’s a rule for everyone all the time. Be wise. Fire danger season is upon us and it is highly irresponsible and dangerous to violate this policy. Please don’t.

For those of you who feel the need to smoke, pretend you’re on a great eight-hour flight with cool tunes and incredible views. Wait until you get off the plane. This is a non-negotiable rule that you must respect if we are to continue holding this festive event into the future. If you do smoke, Park Rangers will issue you a pricey ticket and you will be removed from the venue.

• Please Use Recycling and Trash Receptacles Provided Throughout the Venue.  Please be sure to read the posted signage and use the appropriate compost, recycle and landfill containers provided throughout the venue. Taking an extra moment to place compostables, recyclables and waste where indicated will help our greening team efficiently make Sound Summit as green an event as possible. And don’t forget to bring your own refillable water bottle!

• Please Do Not Litter. If you see litter on the ground, lend a hand if you’re moved to do so. Mount Tam is a precious resource. Let’s leave it like we found it!

• Please Carpool. If you’re parking on the mountain, please help us reduce traffic on Mount Tam and the carbon footprint for our event by filling your car with your fellow Sound Summiteers, be they friends, family, or kindred spirits.

Thanks for your cooperation in protecting and preserving Mount Tam!