All Sound Summit Concert Tickets, Parking Passes, and Bus Passes will be sent electronically and each ticket must be individually printed prior to arrival and presented, bar code visible, to be scanned for admission, respectively, at Entry Gate, Parking Lots, and Bus Lots.

Concert Tickets will be exchanged for admission wristbands at the Entry Gate. All seating is General Admission and on a first come, first served basis. Entry Gate opens at 10:00 AM. The Box Office is also our Will Call location.

Please note that almost all the seats at the Mountain Theater are in full or partial sun. Prepare accordingly with hats, sunscreen, and water bottles.

Please also note that the Mountain Theater is a natural environment and entails all that comes with it. In addition to singing birds and breathtaking views, there are bees, insects, dirt paths, uneven stone surfaces, varying grades, and the like. Be mindful of the environment, both in anticipation of the day and as you move about the venue.

No Refunds, No Exchanges. Please view all Terms & Conditions.

No Ins & Outs. Once you leave, you’ve left and we’re required to remove your wristband.

Buyer Beware. Do not buy tickets from anyone you don’t know. They may likely be counterfeit or otherwise invalid and will not be honored at the gate for admission. Sound Summit is not responsible tickets sold through any third or unauthorized party. No refunds will be processed for unclaimed orders or patrons who are denied entry due to counterfeit or invalid tickets.

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen tickets, so please keep them in a safe place and don’t lose them! For ticket-related questions or issues, please contact